What We Do For You

A Better Massage prides itself in being an Evidence Based Practice (EBP).  Our clinical massage therapy practice is based on three essential components. The first component is that we stay current in research and gather accurate evidence which our massage therapists apply to each of their patient’s treatments. Secondly as an EBP, A Better Massage employs only massage therapists with considerable massage therapy and clinical experience.  Therapists learn both hands on and communication skills to allow them the best opportunity to connect with their patients.  Most important, our massage therapists always consider the values and needs of the patient.  Through evidence-based bodywork, our massage therapists gain results for our patients and through their knowledge, guide patients to the best form of treatment for the patient’s specific injury or need.

It has been our experience over the years from talking with clients and potential clients that as much as they wanted to “try a massage,” they had too many unanswered questions and have been poorly “programmed” by the media and other sources.  So they decide to wait…. And wait…. And wait.

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 A Better Massage  wants to make it easy for you to begin your massage therapy treatments.   A Better Massage provides an environment unlike any other.  WE ARE NOT A SPA! Our office environment has a clinical sense with the feeling and warmth of your own living room.  No incense, no fluffy slippers, no white robes, just great bodywork to get you back on your feet and into the game.

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